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Is Time Is An Illusion?

Not much is known about what happened before time started. The nature of time is subject to philosophical and scientific inquiry, and there are different perspectives on its fundamental nature. One philosophical perspective that suggests time might be considered an illusion is found in various interpretations of metaphysics, such as in some Eastern philosophies or other philosophical arguments.

Time may be not an inherent property of the universe but rather a subjective construct or an illusion created by our perception and consciousness. Our experience of time, with its past, present, and future, is a mental construct and not an objective reality. From this viewpoint, time is seen as a human framework for organizing and making sense of our experiences.

Humanity has now given birth to AI systems that can ‘think’ profoundly faster than we can. As the clock turns we move into a new evolutionary era. The old times are gone. If time travels at the speed of thought we are just at the beginning of an extraordinary transformation. Join us as we explore how beauty, truth, and goodness can become core values of this emergent intelligence in an evolving living universe.


Take the first step in faith. 

You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.
– Martin Luther King Jr.


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Circle of Life-Mastery Social Innovation Programs

We view technology itself as an organic evolutionary process of a living universe.

We recognize the need for comprehensive frameworks that include all aspects of the development process from information theory and consciousness; emergence through living systems and complexity; sense-making and wisdom traditions; new economies and communities; and other relevant methods.

Our approach is informed by a holistic evolutionary perspective. We are dedicated to developing the value and transformative potential of open-source peer-to-peer technology, innovation, and culture for NGOs, policymakers, and the broader public.

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Limited Edition 48" x 48" Acrylic Prints 

Premium polished acrylic. The combination of super-vivid printing, professional-quality materials, and the depth and details creates an astonishing effect. Floating frame on the back. Invisible when hanged and will give the impression that your art is floating away from your wall.


Those That Inspire Us

Imagination, inspiration, truth, and beauty play crucial roles in creating a better future. Imagination and inspiration fuel visionary thinking and the ability to envision a better future. Here we celebrate those who have embraced new ideas, possibilities, and solutions. 

Artistic expressions of truth and beauty have the power to evoke empathy and promote understanding. Through literature, music, visual arts, and other forms of artistic communication, we can bridge cultural divides, challenge stereotypes, and promote inclusivity and compassion. 

We can inspire change and work towards a more positive and inclusive world.

Imagine Harlem

The Beauty of Community Campaign

We are in a time of profound and accelerating change. New tools are required to empower people to participate in creating sustainable neighborhoods and economies and become better stewards of their lives, communities, and global environment. 

Frequently Asked Questions

CLM is a not-for-profit organization?

Yes, Circle of Life-Mastery is a 501(c)(3). We encourage, promote and advance the understanding of and expand the knowledge of consciousness, spiritual growth, and emotional health. We use principles and techniques that focus on expanding individuals' innate abilities to lead more conscious and fulfilling lives.

How does the Life-Mastery Shop fit in?

All proceeds from sales in the shop help to fund our social impact and innovation programs. All artwork is generated by AI (mostly Stable Diffusion) with the intent to explore the spiritual and mythical side of this emerging artform.

Holon City -  Living Systems Platform

We are in a time of profound and accelerating change. New tools are required to empower people to participate in creating sustainable neighborhoods and economies and become better stewards of their lives, communities, and global environment.
HolonCity is the first Distributed Autonomous Community (DAC) that leverages Gamification, Living Systems Theory, and Information Theory to provide a platform for linking all fields of scientific and cultural knowledge, from which emergent and innovative approaches to environmental, social, and economic development can be achieved.

The Beauty of Community - Imagine Harlem

The Beauty of Community is the first campaign to be offered in support of the development of the Imagine Harlem Living Systems Community Platform.

The campaign introduces and engages participants in the AI-generated art revolution. The Beauty of Community motivates participants to explore and express their own neighborhoods while learning and enhancing skills through the creation of digital photography, the use of AI-art generation, and web3 technology. Foster collective imagination and imagination leadership.

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Custom Items

All of our orders are custom prints and not mass produced products that can be resold after production has started. Any order may be cancelled within the first 24 hours after the order is placed. 

A tree is planted with each Gallery Print purchased.

Our print provider Pictorem plants one tree for each print. With the help from our friends at Trees for the Future, our donations will plant trees with rural communities in the developing world, enabling them to restore their environment, grow more food, and build a more sustainable future.

Can I donate directly to Circle of Life-Mastery?

Yes, you can donate to CLM social impact programs at our website: https://life-mastery.org
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