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2023 Collection

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What A Time It Was

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The AI Crossroads

We are at a historical juncture. The rapid emergence of Artificial Intelligence is about to have profound implications for society.

It is time for us to Grow Up, Clean Up, Wake Up, & Show Up

Imagine Harlem Launch Campaign

Who Am I? I Am People.

  • The "Who Am I?" collection is designed to challenge our assumptions about the nature of identity and the ways in which we perceive ourselves and others. Each piece in the collection offers a unique perspective on the complexity and diversity of human experience, and invites viewers to consider their own relationship to identity and self-expression.

  • Through these experiences, viewers are encouraged to consider their own identity and the many different ways that we express ourselves to the world around us.

    "Who Am I" is a powerful and thought-provoking art collection that offers a unique and deeply personal perspective on the nature of identity and self-expression.

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